Coaching - Drama School Audition Coaching

Did you come here looking for Coaching for Drama School Auditions?

What would a typical drama school audition coaching lesson at Acting Coach Scotland like?

All of our drama school auditionees are treated like individuals. At Acting Coach Scotland, we work with total beginners and award winning actors in Hollywood and Bollywood. We know people aren't one size fits all. 

What you will get is the honest professional opinion of an experienced acting coach, someone who has attended one of the top drama schools themselves AND someone who teaches in our own drama school's full time acting courses. 

When does your coaching start for people applying to drama schools?
If you arrive looking for drama school coaching, it's never too early and its never too late.

Some people want help picking their speeches. Others need help preparing and practising speeches they've chosen. Other people need help with the psychology of auditioning - preparing mentally for the big day of your drama school audition.

Some people come after they didn't get in this year - that's completely understandable too! It's the best time to seek help, preparing for your next auditions.

How Do You Help People Pick their Drama School Audition Speeches?
All of our clients get access to an online library of over 3000 playscripts to help them pick their audition monologue. 

Can you tell me more about your drama school audition coaching service?
Yes, we've got a drama school audition coaching page totally dedicated to it, with lots of drama school audition resources that you can rely on to prepare your drama school audition speeches - even if you can't afford a session with one of our drama school audition coaches!