Acting Coach Scotland :: EDINBURGH FRINGE

Acting Coach Scotland @ The Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019


This year's full time students of our Professional Diploma in Stage and Screen Performance will be performing in three productions at the 2019 Edinburgh Festival Fringe

WALLS AND BRIDGES directed by Nick J Field

By Mark Westbrook - based on Walls and Bridges by Nick J Field. 

With their country plunged into political crisis by anti-Government strikes – a group of young East German students are ordered to "persuade" them to go home peacefully. But as a battalion of Soviet tanks confronts the protestors, the students soon begin to question their mission and whether they will find themselves on the wrong side of history. Discover the little-known true story of the 1953 East German uprising that planted the earliest seeds for the fall of the Berlin Wall 36 years later.







CHAIKA: FIRST WOMAN IN SPACE directed by Luke Kernaghan

Written by Mark Westbrook

Discover the true story of Valentina Tereshkova, a young textile worker plucked from obscurity to lead the Soviet Union’s race to the stars. With her nation competing against the United States to put a man on the moon, Tereshkova, (code name – Chaika: Seagull) becomes the first woman in space. However, she immediately encounters a catastrophic mechanical problem that could lead to certain death. Meet Yuri Gagarin, the Soviet Space programme, and discover the secret Tereshkova kept for over 40 years. An uplifting, magical drama about brave young cosmonauts who risked their lives for progress.







LEOPOLD VINDICTIVE directed by Olivia Millar-Ross

Written by Cecile Durel

Europe is occupied by the Nazis and fearing imminent invasion, the British launch Operation Columba – parachuting sixteen thousand spies across the Channel. Enter the most unlikely group of secret agents – a highly trained and carefully selected group of... homing pigeons! Based on the true story of a small group of Belgian resistance fighters taking on their Nazi invaders with the help of these winged messenger – and they were called Leopold Vindictive!