Working Harder or Working Smarter?

Working Harder or Working Smarter?

I remember a colleague of mine used to berate students for working too hard, and not smart enough, wasting their energies. It’s true, that if you’re smart, you can often avoid the non-essential waste of energy. For instance, you can slog through the river, or you can take the bridge. If you don’t know what a bridge is, you might still go for the river.

HOWEVER, I don’t fully agree. It’s not a choice. The real way to results is not to work smart OR graft, but both. When you apply all of your effort and energy to a smart choice, when you put one hundred percent of your energy behind what you’re doing, and use your intelligence to pinpoint your efforts on the outcome that you want: you get it. Work Smart and Graft. Luck comes to those who do.

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