What’s the difference between Actor Training and Actor Coaching?

What’s the difference between Actor Training and Actor Coaching?

It’s rather simple. Actor training is teaching/training people in the basic skills of being an actor. It’s how someone goes from ‘civilian’ to ‘actor’. It employs the basic skills of: observation, repetition, performance technique, and script and scene analysis. Anyone can engage in actor training, although not everyone has what it takes to become a professional actor.

NOW, before people get upset and say I’m contradicting what I’ve said previously and what I wrote about Robert Bella in my previous post, I’m not talking about talent. Many people say that they WANT to become an actor, but what is required is not words – it is deeds. When you take the necessary actions and steps to become an actor, you will become an actor (regardless of your natural gifts). If you talk about it, you will still be working in Tescos.

Actor coaching is what happens when an already experienced or trained actor is dissatisfied with their current career position. It is also when someone with experience or training wishes to prepare for an important audition or role. For more about how actor coaching should work, please read my previous blog on the topic.

Actor training is learning the ropes. Actor coaching is vocational progression (or professional development – whatever you want to call it).



Mark Westbrook is a professional acting coach, writer and director based in Glasgow, Scotland. He runs Acting Coach Scotland, an actor training and coaching business.

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