No Coaching Culture

No Coaching Culture

It appears in Scotland (and perhaps the rest of the United Kingdom) that we don’t have a culture of coaching in acting. Acting coaches don’t really exist. They’re considered unnecessary, but I wonder what causes this? Laziness? Ego? Excellent and first rate higher education acting courses that leave the actor fully ready for their entire career with no further need to exercise their acting muscles? Hmmm…

What does an acting coach do?

I would say, we make good people better. We take whatever gifts or training the actor has already got and we push them in the directions that they find they are lacking. Just like the boxing coach, we take a gifted contender and offer them simple, powerful ways to improve what they do. Of course, in all sports, the professional sports person never doubts the requirement for a great coach. Even when they’re at the top of their game, professional sports people maintain their coaching, to stay on top of their game. In acting in the UK however, people have an attitude towards further training. I would say most of it is because the training that they already received was pretty duff and difficult to make sense of, in order to convert it into actual things they can do.

Things are different in the USA, where even some of the best actors take regular classes and use acting coaches when they’re working. They want to be achieving their best and they stick with the people who know how to bring the best out of them. This is the same in any sport. Why should it be different with acting?

An acting coach is a trusted friend, a guide, a teacher, a mentor and someone to kick you in the ass regularly.

If you’re thinking about getting some acting coaching, why not speak to me on 0800 756 9535 or visit my Acting Coach Scotland website and email me for a chat about how I could help bring out the best in you, and give you the edge.

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Mark Westbrook


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