10 Reasons to Keep an Acting Blog

10 Reasons to Keep an Acting Blog

An integral practice utilised by some actors is the maintenance of a rehearsal diary in order to map their efforts and progress. Although in the present digital age; the perishable pen and paper by means of documentation has rather a simple, unproblematic alternative; being the “weblog”, or “blog” in short.

Ten reasons to keep an acting blog:

1. Something to refer back to: Perchance you’ve made a breakthrough in a tough scene or come up with a great idea during your rehearsal. If you don’t write it down, odds are you won’t remember it. Document your work on your acting blog.

2. Directorial notes: Better to write these down as soon as possible; giving you a chance to refer back to and work on elements of your performance and build them into your next rehearsal.

3. Peer critique: Post onto your acting blog some of your ideas and techniques, then ask your blog community to feedback on your work. This can prove worthy in overcoming obstacles and difficulties, which other people have previously experienced and learnt from.

4. Settle disputes: If one of your peers claims an idea which you came up with in the previous rehearsal; refer back to your blog and settle the row.

5. Keep on top of your workload: Document your rehearsal plans everyday and use your blog as a checklist for this work. This also gives your blog community and peers the sense that you are busy. A busy actor looks more promising than an actor sitting at home idly waiting on a phone call from his/her agent.

6. Help your peers: Write about your successes and failures in your career. Help those who are starting out grasp an idea of how they can overcome certain aspects of the industry. This can prove beneficial in making contacts in an industry where ‘who you know’ puts you ahead of the game.

7. Share: Use your acting blog to share advice and techniques in your community. If you have a difficulty in an area, why not post a Q & A section on your post? This can be both resourceful to others as well as a great reference point for yourself incase something slips your mind.

8. Expand skills: Not only will an acting blog help you recall your rehearsals and ideas, but can help develop your linguistic and organisational skills. Two aspects of the industry often overlooked but very important in making an impression.

9. Develop an online portfolio of your working ethic: Establish yourself in your acting blog as someone who is easy to work with, implementing a large skill base and professional tone throughout, also showing your ability to cope in your career area.

10. Security & accessibility: As your acting blog is based online it can be accessed from anywhere in the world and will remain there as long as you want it. A more permanent version of the pen and paper approach.


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