What Should I look for in Drama Lessons in Glasgow?

What should I look for in Drama Lessons in Glasgow?

Drama lessons are a great thing to invest in, if you are looking for a career in acting. Even if you already think you know it all, drama lessons can teach you so much more about the industry you are looking to break into; and if you don’t think you already know it all, then now is a good chance to start!

Looking for lessons locally is the best place to start - but if you are looking for drama lessons in Glasgow then you are already ahead of the curve - you can find a great selection of drama courses to suit you. So, what should I look for in drama lessons in Glasgow? Read on!

  • Small Class Sizes

This means that you will get plenty of one on one attention, and the chance to actually act is far higher than if you are jostling for space with hundreds of other students. A popular drama course often means a good course, but if you don’t get any useful feedback or acting time then it’s relatively pointless. Look for courses which limit their numbers.

  • Wide Range of Techniques

Good drama lessons should teach you a variety of new skills, including movement and vocal training, as a minimum. If you can find a drama class that teaches stage combat, acting for a camera and specialist movement training, then you know you’ve found a good one.

  • Training From the Best

You are looking for drama lessons that are taught by industry professionals. Anything else and you may as well give up your search for a good drama course and study at home in front of YouTube. If you can find a teacher who has been involved in the acting circuit, they can help you navigate the ins and outs of the business successfully, and steer you towards learning the things you will actually need to learn to hit the big time.

  • Audition Coaching

There’s almost no point taking drama lessons unless you get some help with how to nail an audition. Very few of us possess this skill naturally, so you will need some expert help to get it right, and good drama lessons will help you to do this.

  • The Chance to Act in Public

Theory and learning about acting is all very well and good, but if you can find good drama lessons that offer you opportunities to act in front of a paying audience then so much the better. Standing up on stage in front of the public is very different to doing so in front of your class, and you will need a lot of practise before it feels natural.

What should I look for in drama lessons in Glasgow? All of the above, of course, plus that little bit of extra sparkle. Look for the drama lessons that make you feel like you fit in, make you feel comfortable, yet push you that little bit further to actually achieve your goals.