Theatre, Film & TV Technician Course

One or Two Year Theatre, Film & TV Technician Course (Incorporating HNC in Technical Theatre / HND Technical Theatre and Production Arts)

The best Film, TV and Technical Theatre and Production Arts course in Scotland

Join the World of Technical and Production Arts - the Most Employable Area of the Entertainments Industry

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  • Imagine spending one or two years getting highly skilled to work in the technical world of theatre and film

  • Imagine leaving Scotland’s best independent drama school and being highly employable in an industry with significant shortages in skilled people

  • Imagine being treated like a professional from Day 1. 

  • Imagine intensively working on highly practical real theatre and film projects instead of just learning theory

  • Imagine having Tutors who work professionally in Film and Theatre teach you the technical skills you really need to become employable - straight from graduation. 

  • Imagine developing your unique skills in a professional environment. 

  • Imagine maximising your creative and production skills with access to all the best equipment.

  • Imagine finally following your dreams to work in Film, Theatre and TV

  • Imagine preparing for your future career in technical film and theatre at Acting Coach Scotland.

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There are very few places in Scotland when you can study technical theatre and film and television production arts, but we can go much further than that.

Our course is focused on a FULL TIME - 5 days a Week course, to develop real practical skills, knowledge and experience in Theatre, Film and Television. 

With our expertise and your commitment, determination and hard graft, that's the goal - to get you WORKING in one of the most exciting and creative industries in the world.

Here are just SOME of the things you will be exploring in your technical training:

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  • Stage Management

  • Stage Lighting: Rigging, Focusing and Operation

  • Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) training

  • Film & TV Lighting: Rigging, Focusing and Operation 

  • Stage Sound and Technology

  • Film & TV Editing

  • Set Construction and Painting

  • Film & TV Data Wrangling

  • Theatre A/V Design and Application

  • Film & TV Audio Visual Technology

  • Research Techniques

  • Mental Health First Aid Training

  • Film, TV & Theatre Professional Development & Industry Entry Preparation

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AND you’ll get lots of perks like:

  • Young Associate Membership of the ABTT
    (Association of British Theatre Technicians) 

  • Membership of EQUITY

  • Student Membership of the Stage Management Association


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You will get tons of practical opportunities work alongside our acting students to:




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So - Is this you?

You’ve never been the academic type, but always loved making shit happen with your practical skills

You hate the idea of doing a boring and crap 9-5 job, OR perhaps your looking for a change of career

You’re hard working, committed, and determined to learn.

You’re both creative and curious and  you feel you would thrive  in a no bullshit professional training environment.  

You don’t want to waste time, doing a part time course, that isn’t run by industry people aiming to get you working in the industry

If that sounds like you get in touch and apply today

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Why should you choose this Theatre, Film & TV Technical Course?

Our Technical Theatre, Film and TV one and two year courses are aimed at grounding you in professional technical training and preparing you for real work in the industry

Choose between an intensive one year foundation or two year course (incorporating  MUCH more than just a SQA approved HNC or HND in Technical Theatre) specifically designed to prepare you to move towards your goal of a technical career in Film, Television and Theatre.

Our intensive one and two year Technical Courses aim to empower you to develop the skills, knowledge and experience to make you into the type of candidate that production companies employ.

These courses were created by Industry Professionals to prepare you to move onwards to professional paid technical and production work after graduating from ACS. 

Over the years, we've trained hundreds of actors privately. Now we're turning all of that knowledge and experience into training YOU - the people that make creative work possible. 

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What sort of Money can you typically expect to earn as a Technician in Theatre, Film and Television?

This will vary according to your role and which element of the Industry you are working in.  Click HERE for the BECTU (the Media and Entertainment Union) recommended going rates set by the relevant freelance branch(es), covering film and independent production, after consultation with members.


You can see from the content of our course that this is not a regular college course. We're here to give your chances of getting work after graduation a massive boost!

As with all private courses, the cost is higher than an ordinary college course. Of course, you get a lot more for your money too. The fees for full-time intensive Theatre, Film and TV Technical course is £5495 per year plus a one off £250 admin fee.

If you're resident in Scotland, then SAAS may pay £1205 of the fees for you. SAAS eligible students typically pay the rest out of their student loan. Our students agree that this gives them access to a high quality super premium course without breaking the bank. 

If you're not resident in Scotland, we can agree a monthly pay plan that allows you access to our great training in an affordable way.  


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*we are in the process of securing SQA approval to deliver their HNC Technical Theatre Group Award Code: G8Y4 15 and Technical Theatre and Production Arts Higher National Diploma Group Award Code: G9YY 16