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Our students and private clients work all over the world in film, theatre and television. Some of them are household names, others are just beginning the long journey to success in their acting career. Below are some of the successes we have shared with our students and their kind words about ACS. 

Zosia Mamet

“he's a fabulous coach and director”

“He knows when to leave an actor alone, but he’s there with bells on to tell us what the fuck to do when we’re drowning. In short, he’s a fabulous coach and director.”

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R Paul Wilson

"A bullish*t free zone"

"The responsibility of the coach is to share knowledge and experience that is genuinely useful to their students. I approached Mark with caution, uncertain whether I would learn anything of value for my work or future ambitions."

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Sorcha Groundsell

“ACS changed my life”

"It's not an exaggeration to say ACS changed my life."

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Bobby Rainsbury

“endless possibilities”

"I learned the 2 most important things are the script and the other actor. The way that Mark teaches pushes you for the truth in every single moment; it gives what you are doing endless possibilities."

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Tharan Sivapatham

"The confidence, the skills and the belief..."

"ACS changed my life."

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truth in action

"If you like a no-nonsense approach, Mark Westbrook's Truth in Action is about as no-nonsense as it comes..." LAURA WAYTH, author of A FIELD GUIDE TO ACTOR TRAINING.

TRUTH IN ACTION is a no-bullsh*t, no-holds-barred call to actors all over the world. Leading Acting Coach and Performance Psychology Expert Mark Westbrook delivers this articulate, challenging and above all practical guide to acting without being shackled by the Myths of Character, Emotion and Talent.

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