Self-Taping Course

Master the Art of Self-Taping for Auditions

Self-Taping Auditions Course Overview

This part-time course, is run online by experienced actor and coach Jake Norton. It spans four comprehensive sessions, each lasting approximately three hours. Jake brings his wealth of industry knowledge and passion for teaching to help you elevate your self-taping game. Plus, with the convenience of it being online, you can join the sessions from anywhere, making it easier than ever to improve your skills in the digital space.

Self-taping Course Structure

Task 1: Prior to the course, students are invited to submit a simple self-tape monologue, to establish where they are starting on their journey. 

Session 1: Introduction to Self-Tapes - Technical Aspects
- Constructing your home studio
- Perfecting the technical take
- Feedback on initial monologue submissions
- Task 2:Set up your home studio and submit a technical take

Session 2. Acting Technique for Self-Tapes Part 1
- Feedback on Task 2 submissions
- Interpreting the casting brief
- Monologue analysis and work
- Playing for the shot
- Task 3:Film a monologue self-tape

Session 3. Acting Technique for Self-Tapes Part 2
- Feedback on Task 3 submissions
- Scene analysis and work
- Playing for the shot
- Task 4:Film a scene self-tape

Session 4. Perfecting the Submission
- Feedback on Task 4 submissions
- Creating effective idents
- Choosing and uploading the tape
- Commercial self-tape work
- Course summary and next steps

Master the Art of Self-Taping for Auditions

Unlock Your Acting Potential with Our New Part-Time Course on Self-Taping

Are you struggling to stand out in your self-taped auditions? Want to improve your chances of landing that coveted role? Our new part-time course, conducted conveniently online, is designed specifically for aspiring actors like you, who are eager to hone their self-taping skills and make a lasting impression on casting directors.

Why Self-Taping Skills Matter

In today's digital age, casting directors are holding fewer live auditions, making self-taping an essential skill for actors. Whether you're just starting out or looking to refine your technique, mastering the art of self-taping can make all the difference in getting noticed and securing roles. If you’re not familiar with self-taping, it involves recording your auditions at home and submitting them to casting directors. It’s an essential skill that allows you to control how you present yourself and your performance. Your personality and talent need to shine through the screen to catch the casting director's eye.

Meet Your Self-Tape Instructor: Jake Norton

Jake Norton, a seasoned actor and respected coach, will guide you through this course. With years of experience in the industry, Jake has a keen understanding of what casting directors look for and how to showcase your best self on tape. Learn more about Jake here

Achieve Success with Proven Techniques

Our graduates are working in film and television, using the techniques you’ll learn in this course. With personalised feedback and hands-on practice, you’ll gain the confidence and skills needed to succeed in your self-taped auditions.

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