Stage 3 Part Time Acting Courses in Glasgow

Stage 3 Acting Courses

Stage 3

If you've completed Stage 2 of our Part Time Acting Programme, it's time to move up to Stage 3.
Successful completion of the previous stage is a pre-requisite of joining a new Stage.

your choice of Stage 3 acting courses


Improvisation means simply, without prior preparation, and is an essential part of any actor's tool kit. Learn to think on your feet and witness performances that have the power of scripted and well rehearsed productions. Covering both comedic and dramatic Improv you will learn the fundamental structures of establishing a story out of thin air. 
The benefits of developing your improv skills include;
Becoming a stronger team player as it increases your ability to support your cast mates in the moment in ways that seamlessly support the work and don’t betray any mistakes.
Increases your confidence as a performer as you become comfortable being thrown in the deep end with no script. 
Deepens your knowledge and understanding of story structure as you begin to identify and establish pivotal moments required to move your scene forward.
Most importantly, Improv is a lot of Fun! Or it should be! If you’ve tried improv before and it ties you up in knots then you need to try our classes, we are committed to making the actors process as stress free and as joyful as possible. We believe those knots belong in the corporate 9-5 not on the stage. 


your choice of Stage 3 acting courses

THE IMPROV CLASS: This course will be so much fun you will want to take it again! Explore applying your training so far to the creation of your own scenes from scratch and perform powerful, dramatic work.

THE SCENE STUDY CLASS: Learn how to use your technique, creativity and commitment to perform rehearsed scenes for feedback.

THE MONOLOGUE CLASS: Uncover the secrets to performing a great monologue and add two memorable and effective monologues to your repertoire.


You can register and pay for a class in THREE ways. You can pay in cash or by card at the Studio in advance, you can call the studio and make a payment by telephone, or you can purchase your place on the course below via Paypal (you do not need a Paypal account).

Before you book your place, please read our Booking Terms and Conditions

stage 3 acting courses

Stage 3: Improv

Thursdays from 14th Jan
7-9pm for 6 weeks


It's important to offer a sound & comprehensive actor training, but equally so, a safe and supportive environment where any actor feels they can push boundaries, take risks, and fail, all while having tremendous fun. What sets ACS apart from other studios of its type is that it cultivates an ethos of collaboration & safety from the get go.
Whether you're serious about a career in the industry, or looking for a hobby on a weekday evening, ACS provides a top-quality experience for everyone.

Anton Ferrie

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