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If you've completed Stage 1 of our Part-Time Acting Programme, it's time to move up to Stage 2.
Successful completion of the previous stage is a pre-requisite for joining a new Stage.

Our Part-Time Acting Courses have Fun and Playful Curiosity at their heart whilst providing practical skill development for the aspiring actor. Each stage in the part-time acting programme provides a platform for progression whether your goals are to work professionally as an actor or to gain confidence and presentation skills when speaking.  

Please note, a lot of the work we do in class requires scene partners and your attendance directly impacts the experience of your fellow students, so please ensure you have no major prior commitments that will clash with multiple sessions to ensure the classes have the highest possible impact for all participating.  We thank you for your consideration and professionalism.



In this class we build on what was achieved in Stage 1 by tackling more challenging television and film scenes. 

It’s a lot of fun for those seeking a little more confidence as we get comfortable seeing ourselves on the screen and great for those with career ambitions as we explore frame sizes, what are your marks and how to find them and all the other lingo you’ll hear on a professional film set.  You’ll also be guided through the requirements of self taping for auditions and will have the opportunity to submit a self tape for feedback by your coach.

You will gain:

  • Experience of acting on camera
  • The opportunity to put into practice the skills gained in Stage 1.
  • An understanding of the jargon used on set
  • Experience of acting within different frame sizes
  • Confidence in knowing if and when ‘Less’ really is ‘More’ on screen.
  • Practice in Audition Technique
  • Advice and Feedback on creating Self Tape Auditions


Here you will learn the fundamentals of acting on stage, suitable for those who have “treaded the boards” before and for those new to the stage. You will be introduced to the basics of vocal technique, blocking, movement, prop handling and hitting your marks as appropriate for theatre acting 

Only interested in acting for camera? We hear that a lot. We strongly advocate for getting some experience on stage, the lessons learned by performing for a live audience will only add to your prowess on screen. 

The STAGE Acting Courses

STAGE 2: GETTING INTO SCREEN ACTING: A brilliant grounding in the fundamentals of acting for camera under the guidance of experienced coaches.  

STAGE 3: BUILDING PERFORMANCE SKILLS: Learn how to develop a role through rehearsal skills and techniques. You'll complete this course with an in-class performance of rehearsed & polished scenes. 



“This man taught me more than I could have hoped for. Eloquent yet straight talking, he manages to open an actors eyes to the truth of the moment and keep them there. Thanks Mark”

Ross William Wild Davidson (Grease/We Will Rock You)
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