Voice Acting Courses

Intro to Voice Acting

Unlock your vocal acting potential

Join us in Intro to Voice Acting to discover the craft of Voiceover Acting. By the end of this course you will have a clear understanding of the fundamentals of performing for voice over.

You'll develop your accuracy, fluency and expressiveness of your vocal instrument whilst connecting with the style, mood, feeling and atmosphere of a text.

The course will specifically cover voice over for the following areas:

  • Adverts
  • Narration
  • Corporate VO

It will also cover the essentials of studio etiquette, vocal care and provide some tips for getting started in the industry.

For those on the Intensive Course, you will also be coached and directed to create a professional voice reel that can be hosted on Spotlight or used to promote yourself to studios or on professional voice over sites.


Intro to Voice Acting IN-STUDIO

Saturdays from 13th January 2024
10:30-13:30 for 4 weeks


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