Singing and Voice Workshop

Singing and Voice Workshop with Nikki Foster

Singing and The Voice

We are delighted to offer Acting Coach Scotland students an opportunity to participate in a series of workshops with singer and teacher Nikki Foster.

One of the key factors in building your career as an Actor is being multi-skilled. With the rise in popularity of Musical Theatre and Musical Television Series and Films, actors are being asked to demonstrate their singing ability. 

We are delighted to offer Acting Coach Scotland students an opportunity to participate in a series of workshops with singer and teacher Nikki Foster. Nikki studied Music at Edinburgh Napier University and then at Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, where she attained a Master of Music.

The 4 x 3 hour workshops with Nikki will explore and feature: 

  • Vocal Technique and Exercises
  • Breathing Techniques and Exercises
  • Connection to Lyrics and Storytelling through Song
  • Connecting the Voice to Emotion
  • Exploring improvised Sound and Self Awareness
  • Exercises involving Confidence Building, Positive Self-Talk, and Challenging Negative Beliefs
  • Group and Individual singing to convert Technique to Action
  • Working as a Team and in Harmony


what you'll learn
  • How to Build Confidence and Self Belief in Yourself and your Voice
  • How to Embrace your Unique Vocal Identity
  • How to Convincingly portray Emotion and Story through Song
  • How to Appropriately Prepare your Voice for Work
  • How to Appropriately Fill a Performance Space with your Voice
  • How to Express Yourself Vocally

From Nikki:

"During my rigorous training I was incredibly self-doubting, very self-critical, perfectionist, tense, and anxious.  I wore myself out trying to prove to myself that I was good enough and worthwhile.  I had lost all connection to what really matters in music, singing and any art form, and that is honest expression. Sometimes you need to find out what you really don’t want in order to find real treasure!
Since these times my whole approach to singing has also completely transformed.  I now value, more than anything, the freedom to be as I am without any limits, and the same goes for vocal expression.  We all have the right to express what we feel in the way that we want, and I cannot think of a more beautiful and fulfilling way to do it than through our own unique instrument!
For the last few years I have been  focusing on building confidence, self-esteem and self-awareness.  I truly believe that vocal expression and creativity can be a wonderful, transformational tool to personal freedom!”

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