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Part Time Actor's Gym with Kat Harrison

Want to keep your skills sharp all year round?
Tired of having to negotiate with your new friends when you’re all free to take the next stage together?

Whether you are serious about developing as an actor or want a space to meet regularly with your new found friends, our very own Part-Time Actor's Gym is the place for you! 

With 4 x 2hr classes a month you’ll get the chance to consistently hone your skills with continued practice of analysis and performance techniques.  

Every month you will be issued with a new script or monologue, in this way you will get to practice your sight reading skills, build your line learning muscles and add to your repertoire of audition pieces. 

The consistent structure of sessions will also give you the opportunity to develop your improvisation and analysis skills.  All of this in an atmosphere of great fun and support surrounded by like minded people with similar goals. 

If this sounds like something you’d love then what are you waiting for?!

Why not Flex your Acting Muscles and stay on top form with our full monthly membership at £95 per month*
(4 Sessions per month)

Or if your commitments make regular attendance tricky why not arrange to drop in for £35 a session**

 *Monthly memberships are paid in advance of the first session for that month and are non refundable if you fail to attend.  You are free to cancel your membership at any time, however any fee paid for the month ahead is non refundable and your membership will end after the 4 sessions of that month.

**Drop in’s are welcome with advance notice of minimum 2 hours before the start of session and should be booked with Reception on .  Payments may be made available by card on arrival at the session.

  • Deepen your Script and Scene Analysis Skills
  • Strengthen your Sight Reading Ability
  • Improve your Improvisation Confidence
  • Develop and Advance your Acting Technique 

Acting Gym (4 x 2hr sessions per month)





A Message from Kat:

“After the intensive process of professional actor training I felt a bit lost at sea in terms of keeping my skills sharp and I was really disappointed in myself for not maintaining my training.  I really wanted a place to go where I could meet with other actors on a regular basis and keep practicing. The closest I found was when I landed a job with Short Attention Span Theatre. Every three months we’d receive a new script, maybe even two (!),  of around 20 minutes in length. We’d get a couple of rehearsals and share the performance with audiences in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Ayr. Having that consistent practice where I was held accountable was where some of my greatest learning experiences happened as an actor and I’m so excited to create something with our amazing part time community that will be just as valuable!
We have so many brilliant, witty, talented and kind, supportive people who have come through our stages. I am thrilled to be able to bring them all together. Covid has made it difficult for us to arrange social events but things are hopefully changing now and the benefit of having our sessions on a Friday night is that if anyone wanted to go socialise after it makes it a lot easier for most. 
I love the community we have built here and I’m thrilled to be spending more time together doing what we love! Can’t wait to see you there!”