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We all come to acting for different reasons. Some are interested in a career in acting, and see drama school or university as the place to go. Others are dipping their toe in the water of acting without any more commitment than simply trying it out. Others want to explore their own self-expression, develop confidence or public speaking skills. They might just want evening acting courses or drama classes at the weekend.

Many people have always wanted to try it, others have always had that nagging feeling that acting is something they could be good at now, they want to find out. Many people aspire to be actors, but this is a fiercely competitive industry. Although there are some fabulous opportunities out there, it isn’t always easy to get a foot in the door and start taking steps to establishing a successful career. If you’re interested in becoming an actor, and you’re wondering how to go about forging the right path, here’s a handy guide to help you maximise your chances.

It’s natural to have questions about starting out in any career. If you’re looking to get into acting, this eBook answers common questions and provides some useful information and tips to help you work towards your career goals on the stage or screen.

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