Full Time Acting Course Success


ADAM GREENE - cast in THE EDGE OF YOU for Off Kilter Theatre Company at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. 

                        - representation by Infinity Artist Management. 

                        - cast in the world premiere of KITH at the Assembly Festival in April 2019

                        - cast in Fringe production of AS YOU LIKE IT.  

CHIARA PASCALE cast in Fringe production of AS YOU LIKE IT. 

ELLE WATSON - won BEST ACTRESS at the North American Film Awards

                        - Cast in Rapture 2.0. The film went on to win awards around the globe.

ELSA STRACHAN has been cast in a professional schools tour of ALICE IN WONDERLAND in Italy in 2019. 

CARRIE DODDS has agreed representation from agent DQ Management.

AMIR TABRIZI - cast in a recent Netflix pilot in Sweden. 

                        - cast in nationwide advertising campaign. 

ANDREA LINHOVA has agreed representation with DQ Management London.

ALASTAIR DUNCAN - has agreed representation with a London based agent. 

                                - cast in CONSPIRACY in Edinburgh. 

                               - cast as Brick in CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF.

JESSICA VIERA DE MATTOS has agreed representation with a London agent.

EMMA FINDLAY - representation by Stiven Christie Management.

DONNA SWANSON - Cast in a feature film - ISOLANI. 

CHRISTIE GOURLAY - Cast in a feature film - ISOLANI. 

                                 - Cast in play FOOD BANK

PASHA MUNIR cast in a recent online commercial and in the play FOOD BANK. 

GEORGE LEWIS - cast in upcoming Fringe production of VOLPONE. 

GEORGE LEWIS - cast in a fringe production of BULL. 

RORY GRANT cast in upcoming short film TAXED. 

KAT HARRISON cast in R Paul Wilson's film TO THE SEA. 

MUIREANN NI RAGHALLAIGH - Cast as the lead in upcoming short film WATCH EMILY FLY.

DEBORA SPRING - signed with a London agent.


OFFIR LIMACHER - has agreed representation with a London agent.

PASHA MUNIR - has agreed representation with a Scottish agent.    

REBECCA DEVLIN-KNIGHT - has agreed representation with a London agent.    

Graduate EMMA FINDLAY acted MUCH TABOO ABOUT NOTHING, a play she wrote, performed at the Glasgow Fringe. 

ANDREA LINHOVA appeared in DEAR BRUTUS at the Church Hill Theatre, Edinburgh. 

MOLLY CRIGHTON successfully gained a place at Manchester Met's Full Time Acting course. 

MATTHEW HAY appeared in 2 short films which are to be released. 

CARRIE DODDS appeared in several commercials. 

AVA FABRAY cast in a recent French commercial. 

CALLAN GALLACHER, OFFIR LIMACHER, DANNY VALENTINE, SYLAS SZABOLCS AND ALASTAIR DUNCAN appeared at Glasgow Film Festival in a stage combat re-enactment of FIGHT CLUB for the film's anniversary screening. 

ADAM ROSS GREENE has been successfully cast in BBC Pilot.

KAT HARRISON is the Voice of Glasgow Love’s Christmas on T-FM Radio

SYLAS SZABOLCS played opposite legend Bill Patterson in new BBC Comedy Drama GUILT. 

ELLE WATSON just completed a short comedy with Channel 4