Fearless Acting Shakespeare Course

The Fearless Shakespeare Acting Course (Zoom Acting Course)


Delivered Online via Zoom

DURATION: 4 x 60 Minute Classes


Thursdays from 28th January - 8-9pm. 

Taught by Studio Principal Mark Westbrook 


Have you always wanted to try Shakespeare? Do you like Shakespeare but you’ve never acted it? Would you like to explore a practical no-nonsense way of approaching Shakespeare. 

Shakespeare instills fear in even the most experienced actors. And yes, on the surface, wrestling with verse and dense poetic imagery can be really tough. All that THEE and THOU, gesturing wildly and suffering from Shakespeary-itus (that unnaturally posh voice they put on when they are doing Shakespeare. It’s enough to put anyone off!

This practical acting course will empower you to throw off your fear of Shakespeare and embrace his incredible dramas. On this Shakespeare acting course, you’ll discover the clues that Shakespeare built into his plays and teach you how to fearlessly use these to bring his text to life.

You will:

  • discover how to bring heightened language to life in performance

  • explore Shakespeare’s characters, language and rhythms

  • perform a Shakespearean monologue


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Is this course for you? 

  • If you are NEW to acting Shakespeare. IT’S FOR YOU - because we won’t presume ANY experience of acting Shakespeare. 

  • If you aren’t new to acting Shakespeare, but you still have THE FEAR. IT’S FOR YOU- because we’ll believe everyone should be able to explore Shakespeare fearlessly!

  • If you are interested in Shakespeare, his incredible plays and poetry.  IT’S FOR YOU - because we will explore and appreciate his work. 

  • If you’re an amateur or professional actor whose never tackled Shakespeare before. IT’S FOR YOU - because we won’t presume ANY experience of acting Shakespeare BUT you’re experience in acting will definitely help accelerate your learning.

  • If you’re a teacher who wants to teach Shakespeare to other students without boring or scaring them. IT’S FOR YOU - because you will get practical tools to help you and your students. 

  • If you believe there MUST be more to it than the excruciatingly painful way it was taught in high school.  IT’S FOR YOU - because when WE were taught Shakespeare in school it sucked, and we knew it was better than that!

  • If you like a challenge. IT’S FOR YOU - because the size of the challenge is directly down to you! 

If you’re bored in lockdown and you want something interesting to do - IT’S FOR YOU - because it’s taught on Zoom and you can do as much or as little extra work around the course as you like - we’ll even help you find exciting plays to watch online too FREE.