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For FULL TIME enquiries, please contact the Studio Administrator (

How do I find Acting Coaching Scotland?

We want to help make finding us as easy as possible and getting to our studio at 6 Harmony Row couldn’t be simpler.

Please click here to get directions

Who can sign up for these acting classes?

All of our group classes are for adults only (18+) and our private training starts at 14. There is no upper age limit.

Do not sign up if you are under 18, or on behalf of someone under the age of 18, as they will be politely refused entry to the class. These are professional adult acting classes, designed for adults.

How do I pick which acting class I should attend?

The STAGES Acting Programme is designed to be a multi-part professional training programme, a part-time equivalent to drama school or college courses. 

ALL of our students begin their training in Stage 1 Intro to Acting.

When students complete Stage 1, they proceed to Stage 2 etc.

Stage 1 is one class per week, either on Mondays or Saturdays for 8 weeks running at 2 hours per class. Stage 2 courses are 3 hours per class for 4 weeks.

I've got some/a lot of experience, can I start in Stage 2 or above?

This is a very common question, and we understand why you ask.

However, our method of training is unique in the United Kingdom, and it is unlikely (unless you have studied related methodologies) that you would have sufficient knowledge of that specific background to skip Stages.

We like to see it like this:

You may be a world champion boxer, but you’ve decided to come to our karate class. We respect your experience, we respect your ability, but you would still have to start off with the other white belts while you learn our approach to fighting.

It’s exactly the same with the acting courses at Acting Coach Scotland.

We will however make you a guarantee: if you don’t find it challenging, please get in touch and we’ll be glad to audition you for a higher Stage.

When do the next acting classes begin?

Please check our part-time classes page for details on upcoming classes.

Can I visit the studio to sign up in person?

Yes, it’s possible to sign up and pay in person by cash, cheque or card. First, please send us a message from any page of this website and we’ll reply within 48 hours and arrange an appropriate time to meet with you.

Please do not visit without an appointment. This is likely to disrupt the daily work of the studio. 

Will I receive joining instructions/confirmation upon payment?

You will receive a payment receipt with class details from Paypal when you sign up. If you do not, please check your junk mailbox. If there is no notification, please send us a message.

Can I visit the studio before signing up?

Yes, but please make an appointment first. 

Do I need to bring anything to acting class?

A bottle of water, pen and notepad.

Does the Studio have any rules?

We have a few rules to keep everyone safe, secure and happy.

1) Don’t be late. The industry demands good time keeping, we would be poorly equipping you for the industry if we let you ignore its rules.

2) Do not bring food or drink into the studios, water is the exception.

3) Please turn off your mobile phone before entering class or coaching.

4) Please respect each other and the coaching staff.

5) Please do not consume alcoholic beverages before class.

6) Please notify coaching staff if you will be absent from a class. If you know you have a cold at 9am, please email at 9am, please don’t leave it until thirty minutes before your class begins.

7) Keep the Security Door at the entrance to the building closed. 

8) If a member of staff asks you to evacuate the building, please listen to them carefully and follow their instructions.

Can I train privately at Acting Coach Scotland?

Yes, you can! Private actor training is very much a part of life at our Glasgow acting studio.

Do you offer credit towards other classes if I am unable to complete my training for some reason?

This is an understandable request, but unfortunately it is not one that we can offer.

If you begin a class, or sign up for a masterclass and cannot attend for some reason, you have taken up a place on that class. This place cannot be filled by another paying student, and so the money you paid for the fees guarantees your place throughout that course.

You understandably have spent money with ACS, and still want to get something out of it.

Signing up for an acting class at ACS guarantees you a place for one 8 week term. Therefore if you need to retake this course at another time, a new fee will be payable.

What is your refund policy?

As per our TERMS and CONDITIONS:




4.1       As a consumer purchasing the Courses and Classes you have certain legal rights under the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 to receive information in respect of the services or goods being provided to you including information about the services themselves, the price of the same and any rights of      cancellation. For the purposes of this Contract a consumer means an individual acting for purposes which are wholly or mainly outside that individual’s trade, business, craft or profession. However in terms of Part 3 Clause 28(1)(h) of the Regulations as the services being purchased are services related to leisure activities provided for on a specific date the right of cancellation under Part 2 Clause 29 under the Regulations is excluded and the provisions of Clause 4.2 shall apply to any cancellations and refunds if applicable.


4.2       If you wish to cancel your booking you can cancel by emailing us at or by post to Acting Coach Scotland, Govan Workspace, 6 Harmony Row, Glasgow G51 3BA . If emailing or writing then your cancellation is effective from the date we receive the email or in the case of cancellation in writing two working days after you       post the letter to us. If emailing or writing please quote the allocated booking number, Course or Class name and date of the Course or Class being cancelled.  Upon receipt of the cancellation form we will email you confirmation of its receipt.


4.3.      If you decide to cancel the booking the cancellation will be effective from the date that we receive your email or letter referred to in Clause 4.2 above and you will be liable for the following charges:


            4.3.1.   In respect of Classes:


Number of days before the Class that the Cancellation is made


Over 28 days


7 to 28 days


7 days or less



 Where the charge is less than the full price of the Class a refund of the difference between the full price and the charge will be made to you via Paypal in respect of the Class that has been cancelled.


In the event that you decide to transfer to another Class then we may at our sole discretion waive the cancellation charge. For the avoidance of doubt however any requests to transfer to another Class must be requested in writing at least seven days before the date of the class booked which failing it will be treated as a cancellation at short notice (“a Late Transfer Cancellation”) and no refund of the price of the Class will be given.


In the event that we are able to fill your cancellation prior to the date of the Class booked  or to fill a Late Transfer Cancellation on short notice then we may, at our sole discretion, refund you the purchase price of the Class in full under deduction of an administration charge of 10% of the purchase price of the Class in question. In filling cancellations where there has been more than one cancellation for a particular Class our policy will be to fill the earliest cancellations first. For the avoidance of doubt however nothing contained herein obliges us to actively seek someone to fill any cancellations and such substitutions will only occur if the Class in question has been fully booked.


4.3.2    In respect of Courses:


                        Courses are made up of a series of individual classes (normally eight in number run over consecutive weeks) and your commitment is to the entire series of classes. As we cannot sell those classes individually and, as your payment covers the whole course and cannot be pro-rated, unless you give us at least seven days’ notice of cancellation prior to the start of the first class of the Course in question you will be liable for full cost of Course. If you cancel more than 7 days prior to commencement of the course in question then we may at our sole discretion charge an administration fee of 10% of the total fee for the Course in question. Where the charge is less than the full price of the Course a refund of the difference between the full price and the charge will be made to you via Paypal in respect of the Course that has been cancelled.


4.4                   ACS reserves the right to cancel any Courses and Classes if numbers fall below a minimum requirement or for other exceptional reasons. In such an event you will be informed of this decision as soon as possible and given the opportunity to book on the next available Course or Class we have. If we cannot offer you a suitable replacement Course or Class you will be entitled to a refund in full for the cancelled Course or Class. In the event that you do transfer to another Course or Class following upon our cancellation of a Course or Class then no administration charge will be levied for doing so.

For Step group acting classes, we will offer a refund up to 7 days before the class begins.

After this time, we will make every attempt to fill your place and provide you with a refund, but understandably, it may not get filled and so no refund would then be possible. Likewise, a transfer to another class is possible with 7 days notice.

For private classes, if you cancel with a 24 hour notice period, we will not charge for the slot.

However, if you do not give adequate notice, you will forfeit the fee for that session. Please note that once a period of 6 training sessions has been booked, no partial refund shall be offered. The deal price is based on your commitment to 6 sessions. 

For acting masterclasses, we will attempt to find a replacement for your space, and if a replace is found, your fee will be refunded.

For intensives, a deposit is required to secure your dates, this is non-refundable but the dates can be switched if there are scheduling problems.

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