On-Set Coaching for Professional Actors

On-Set Coaching for Professional Actors


For the professional actor seeking close coaching on set, anywhere in the world. Get help with the trickiest scenes, the most demanding moments and the tough requirements of your job.

Mark will accompany you on set, working with you to prepare powerful and subtle performances that stand out powerfully in the memory.

Who is this type of coaching for?

Professional actors who are working on set in a paid role and have directorial approval to seek assistance from an acting coach for some part of the filming.

How does it work?

Through an initial telephone discussion, we can diagnose what is required by the actor and a time period allotted.  All coaching is tailored entirely to the individual’s needs and the situation in which they are filming.

How Does On-Set Secured Role Coaching Work?

Each coaching session is different, depending upon the requirements of the individual actor. Coaching may assist with:

  • A difficult script

  • A highly emotive scene

  • The requirements of the scene are out-with the actor’s comfort zone.

  • The actor is on their first job

  • The actor is transferring from another profession to acting (model, presenter, musician, sports personality etc)

  • The actor is moving from a theatre background to a film or television role.

  • The actor wants the reassurance of someone to support them during the filming process.

On-Set secured role coaching is £750 per day away from the studio, regardless of whether coaching is required for that day or not.

Travel and accommodation must be arranged for the acting coach in advance. Payment for coaching services must also be made in advance, although per diems can be issued on a daily basis. 

It is essential that directorial approval is sought and given before the details of the on-set coaching is finalised. This is to avoid conflict between the many members of the creative team on set.

what you'll learn
  • To create memorable moments
  • To deal with the tough demands of working on set
  • To develop reliable skills that can be used under pressure
  • To prepare emotionally for difficult scenes
  • To understand the real human drama in any scene
  • To create truthful performance that blow away the audience
  • To manage the negative voice in your head
  • To create a daily routine that improves your performance
  • To adapt effortlessly to new demands 

Before you book your place, please read our Booking Terms and Conditions

On Set Coaching 

On Film Set
Per Single Day
With Mark Westbrook
Fee Only

"No actor working in film wants to admit that they need help. But if you do, and you're willing to swallow your pride, I suggest Mark Westbrook, an authentic, caring man, but a strong and pragmatic coach. When I work on set, I want Mark there, or I want him on speed dial, and the support and practical advice he gives me, never fails. Time after time, I've needed a quick solution, and Mark was there for."

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The 12 Obstacles

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In this free advice guide, Acting Coach and Performance Psychology expert Mark Westbrook outlines the most common inner obstacles to success and offers you insightful and practical tools for overcoming them.

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