You're Probably Going To Fuck It Up (And Why That's Okay!)

You're probably going to fuck this up...

Let’s be honest. We are deeply unfair to ourselves. Our expectation often far outstrips the rational chance that we will be instantly good at something. We expect too much of ourselves too soon.

The truth is, the first time you do something, or perhaps, the first ten times you do something, you’re probably going to fuck it up. The good news is, that isn’t a problem - actually it’s perfectly normal.

However, most people see this as a sign that they should stop doing something - because they’re not very good at it.

Look, if you’re good at something straight off, well done, bully for you - that’s amazing. But if you’re like most people, you will fuck it all up and quite a lot in the beginning.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not about lowering standards. I have exceptionally high standards for my acting students. But I keep my expectations low so that the crushing power of expectation doesn’t crush their confidence.

When we have high expectations, we experience failure -  a lot. If I expect myself to nail a new acting exercise first time, I am going to experience great disappointment. Because it naturally takes time, weeks, potentially months - to really make something your own. During that time, because you are not meeting your expectation, you will be experiencing constant failure.

Instead, you must almost expect yourself to fuck it up in some way. Not in a low confidence self-doubting way - in an understanding that things take time way. Patience is key to skill development for actors.

You are probably going to fuck it up, but if you’re patient - and willing to learn from it, eventually you will become proficient and then even excellent.


To You, The Best


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