HND Acting and Performance in Acting College or a BA Acting from University?

What’s Best - a BA in Acting From a University or an HND in Acting From College?

What’s Best - a BA in Acting From a University or an HND in Acting From College?

You may be wondering this as you dither over your future. To enrol in a university and take BA acting, or to go for an HND acting and performance course? Let’s have a little look into the pros and cons of both, to help you decide.

BA stands for Bachelor of Arts, and it is an undergraduate course for liberal arts. It takes three to four years, depending on the course and the country, and it is an old, well recognised qualification.

HND stands for Higher National Diploma, and is equal to the first and second year of a three year university course. It can be completed in two years or one, both full time courses. 

A BA is considered, by some (we won’t say by old fashioned types) to be the more prestigious qualification, but that’s only because it has been around for longer and is more well recognised. It’s a great thing to put on your CV, and a BA acting qualification may make your prospective employers take more notice of you - but it won’t guarantee you acting work.

An HND is just as good a qualification, if not better - it crams a lot into a one or two year course, which is equivalent to the first part of university study (but your liver probably won’t take as much damage as if you had enrolled in a university). You will also be given some great techniques to hone yourself and make you more attractive as an actor (no, I don’t mean that we can make you prettier. Sorry).

Passing your HND acting and performance course will stand you in fantastically good stead to go on and study more, or dive straight into the world of acting if that’s what you decide to do. It will also offer you some really good, real life skills to take out into the world with you, such as on screen acting, audition training, movement and voice training and much more.

BA acting is a great way to get yourself into your chosen career. It has its downsides, but if that’s the route you have chosen then fair play too you. You can find support, training, audition help, and you may find that you slip seamlessly into the world of acting, or you may take a little longer to get that big break.

Bear in mind the advantages of the HND acting course, however - it’s easy to apply, good fun, a cost effective way of getting some good training, and will give you a very similar qualification - and remember you can always switch if you decide that the Other Side is the better option for you! 


Whether you go for HND acting or BA acting, make sure that you have looked into the ups and downs of both courses before you make your decision. Either option will help you towards your dreams of becoming an actor, and it’s up to you which option you go for.

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