What questions will they ask me at my Drama School interview?

What questions will they ask me at my Drama School interview?

Here at the Acting Blog, people are always asking me, what kind of questions will they be asked at a UK Drama School interview?

Well, obviously, the range of questions is practically endless, but here’s a few to help you scratch the surface when preparing
for your drama school audition.

Q: Can you tell us about the last play that you went to see/read?
Q: Why do you want to come to (INSERT NAME OF DRAMA SCHOOL HERE)?
Q: Why do you want to be an actor? Try to avoid… I love it and I’ve been doing it since I was wee… they hear this all the time.
Q: What actors do you admire?
Q: What kind of performances have you done outside of school?
Q: Can you tell us something about your monologue?
Q: What journey does your character go on in your first monologue?
Q: How is that different from the journey of the character in your second monologue?



Added on 13th March 2009 – thanks to my students for sharing these.

Q: What will you do if you don’t get a place at (NAME OF DRAMA SCHOOL HERE)?

Q: Tell us a little about yourself? Try to avoid gushing about how much you want to be an actor here.

Q: What are your strengths and weaknesses? Don’t be a wise-ass and tell them you’re not good at Maths, like me.


These questions are a chance for the audition panel to get to know you a little bit, but also the opportunity you need to demonstrate your knowledge, understanding, savvy and skill. BUT DON’T BE A SHOW-OFF KNOW IT ALL.

If you can’t answer these basic questions, do you REALLY want to go to Drama School?

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