What No One Tells You About The Audition Room: Audition Sides Disaster

What No One Tells You About Audition Sides

iPhones and iPads, etc - God, I love mine. I work on it, see my daughter, chat to my wife, catch up with my family. They are an amazing life tool.

But listen to this very carefully.









I know it seems like a good idea to have your auditions sides on your phone or tablet, but from the moment you enter the room, your attention is usually hijacked by them - and so is the casting director's.

Taken up by the device. And the potential for it to mess up your audition is much much greater than it could possibly help.

Phone calls, messages, home screen lock, battery power, accidentally flicking to another app - and all the faff around that - all totally ruining your audition. And they drive Casting Directors up the wall, they really do. 

Also, your attention is being sucked down into the device and not shared with the room. 

You might have successfully used these devices before in an audition room, but trust me, it’s gonna fuck up one day - and just your luck, it will be a big opportunity.

Just print a sheet of paper. You can’t go wrong with a sheet of paper. It’s low tech, it doesn’t take batteries, you can print two if you think you might ruin the first one.

Avoid driving Casting Directors crazy and unnecessarily messing up your audition - ditch the tech, go with a paper script.






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