Unwritten Rules for Acting Students Written Down

Unwritten Rules for Acting Students Written Down

I have been gathering these for a while. Read them, remember them, they will help you if you are going to be studying acting:

1) Don’t watch anyone else’s performance of your role. Ever. EVER. (Not the film version, not the telly version, not a version on YouTube)

2) Don’t have a haircut, hair dye, beard trim, piercing, tattoo or any other physical alteration without speaking to the director.

3) Don’t be seen in public in your costume unless otherwise told.

4) Always get a receipt for any purchase you make for the production, there are no refunds without receipts.

5) Technical rehearsals are for technicians. It's time to be quiet and polite. You get weeks of rehearsal, they get hours, without them, you’re in the dark - literally. Actors and crew are equals, you've had your time, now they get theirs.

6) When learning lines, learn punctuation, italicisation, underlines and pauses too. Paraphrasing the script doesn't count as learning the lines.

7) Don't give another actor notes, don't explain the director's notes to another actor. 'Yes AND' any notes, don't become a NO-BUTTER... Thank the director for their notes, they were given in the spirit of shared professional progress.

7.5) Directors quickly learn who is the asshole in the cast, if you're not sure who it is, it might be you.

8.) On Time means BE EARLY.

9) Your job is to create solutions, not to create problems.

10) Don't play with someone else's props.

11) Your job is your responsibility, not the director's.

12) Missing a rehearsal fucks things up for everyone in your company. Missing a performance fucks things up for EVERYONE.

13) The Curtain Call (Bow) is a necessary part of the exchange between actors and audience. Your bow is part of you thanking them for their applause, but also their quiet concentration. Your half-hearted, semi-embarrassed bow isn't welcome. You will bow and smile like everyone else.

14) The correct answer to ANY compliment about your performance is THANK YOU. Do NOT shit on someone else's enjoyment, because you think you had a bad night and you can't take a compliment.

15) Your props and costumes are tools of your trade. You will treat them with professional respect.



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