True To Authentic You

True To Authentic You

There’s lots of blah blah blah around about being authentic. The trouble is that people think that ‘be authentic’ means ‘do whatever you please.’ I assure you that’s not the case. Authentic You is the best version of you. Authentic You marches as Admiral Dunk once said “To the beat of your own drum.”  But they aren’t lazy, because they are motivated.

Being authentic is the opposite of being appropriate. Being appropriate is doing what makes other people happy. Making other people happy tends to move you away from your authentic self towards falling in line with other people’s expectations.

That reminds me:

In 2018, a stage actor from Glasgow, who I greatly admire and I had briefly worked with, wrote to me to ask me to remove his testimonial from our website because of the questionable ideas that were promoted by my book Truth in Action. I must admit, I have had such admiration for him in his career, I was gutted. My heart was a little broken.

But within the same 12 months, I worked with two actors from the US. Both of whom I admired greatly as a teenager for their tv work. Then a Broadway star got in touch and we worked together with tremendous success. Two of my other clients had Netflix successes in that year too. Another was in a massive action movie. These people were all attracted to Acting Coach Scotland by the ideas in that same book.

I believe in those ideas because I see the results, but you can’t please everyone, you can only be true to Authentic You.


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