Things I learned from William H Macy

Things I learned from William H Macy

This is just a brief blog to note some of the great things that I’ve learned from listening and reading W H Macy.

People say he’s the same in every movie, but frankly, that’s bullshit. Yes, he’s been successful in some similar roles, but he’s starred in a vast amount of movies and television shows. He’s made more than 115 appearances on the big and small screen in many diverse roles. If you only know him as Jerry from Fargo, try seeing him in ER or Edmond.

Here are some simple, some inspiring, some thought provoking quotes from Macy:

“As frightening as it was, I found that when I was on stage, I was less self-conscious, then I was the rest of the time”

“I think it’s really dangerous to characterise the character you’re playing, to put a label on him.”

“Quite often, people who are going through great tragedy are quite placid on the outside. I find that so much more moving”

“In times of havoc, you will do what you habitually do”

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