The Stanislavsky / Stanislavski Bibliography

The Stanislavsky / Stanislavski Bibliography



I have been fascinated by Stanislavsky since I was 15 years old. I do not believe in the Stanislavsky system of acting as a solution to all acting problems. But I do believe that Stanislavsky is the most important contributor to modern acting technique. His attempts to systematise acting, to improve training and the standards and quality of an actor’s performance is inspirational.

Over the past (almost) thirty years, I have collected his works, works about him and books related to Stanislavsky, his ideas, his Studios or the MXAT (Moscow Art Theatre). More recently I started looking for books that I did not own and found that I was running out. Most second hand bookshops in the UK do not stock obscure Stanislavsky-related material.

With today’s blog, I am doing two things:

  1. I am making a list of the Stanislavsky and Stanislavsky related literature that I own, so that all those with a fascination for Stanislavsky can find those books for themselves. I am not reviewing or commenting on them, although some of them would make the top ten, and some would not.

  1. I am asking you if you know of some Stanislavsky or Stanislavsky-related books that I might have missed. Maybe you have written one, maybe you are in the process. Maybe you have one on your shelf that might be handy. Please get in touch. Missing your book makes my collection incomplete.


Certainly when I looked online I could not find a collected list.

I should add that I am not including those published in Russian. Although every day I wish that Sergei Tscerkasski’s comparative book on Stanislavsky, Boleslavsky and Strasberg was published in English - along with a lot of biographies of actors from the MXAT and people that knew Stanislavsky, I am going to focus on those books that are written in or have been translated into English.

I hope this is helpful to those of you who might need it.

Stanislavsky / Stanislavski Bibliography

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I hope that helps, get in touch if you can help me find more Stanislavsky books to list or purchase!



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