Setting up Zoom for your Drama School Audition

Setting up Zoom for your Drama School Audition

So before your drama school audition starts, get yourself on Zoom and test out the equipment. Too many times people discover that the technology lets them down and that’s both embarrassing and makes you look unprepared.

Follow these instructions to be ready for your Zoom Drama School Audition.

Use a computer or at least an iPad. Don’t use a phone, if possible. 

  1. Start up Zoom. 

  1. If possible, you (not the camera) should face a window so that you are lit by natural light. Take care that the sun doesn’t move a lot between your test run and the audition itself. It will help to check the sun’s position at the same time as the audition is going to be. 

  1. If you don’t have sunlight, you can’t just rely on your normal room light. Being above you, it will leave your face horribly shadowed. The best thing is to get a ring light. They aren’t expensive and are available on Amazon. However, if you can’t, get two different lamps and position them as below. 

  1. So start a meeting, click NEW MEETING and take a look at how you look in the frame. Most auditions will want you in a medium (from your waist upwards) or medium close (from around your collar bones upwards) shot, so take a look at how you appear in the frame and if you are well lit. 

  1. If your laptop is at table height, you may want to put a pile of books under it, so that the camera does not look up at you from a very low angle. 

  1. Next, it’s time to check your audio. On the far bottom left corner, there is an arrow which shows you your audio options. Click the arrow and then click on Test Speaker and Microphone. It will ask you if you hear the ring tone, and you can click yes. It will then ask you to say something aloud and pause. It will play it back to you. If you heard both, your audio is ready to go. If you have problems, check out the help section on Zoom’s website. The audio on your computer is plenty good enough, you don’t need a separate microphone

  1. Next to the Audio Settings on the bottom of the Zoom menu is the Video Settings. Click on Touch Up My Appearance. It smooths your skin and gives you a look like you are being shot in a film. 

  1. If you don’t want to see yourself, then once you are in the meeting, click on your own name, and you can click Hide Self View. If you then click Gallery View, you will only see yourself. 

  1. Don’t forget to close any and all distraction noises, email etc from your laptop. You don’t want to get distracted in the middle of your audition. 

  1. Make sure you use a plain wall behind you. It will prevent distraction. 

  1. Never have a window behind you. The light behind you will create a shadow on your face. 

  1. Now you are ready to start your Zoom Audition for Drama School. 

Want to learn more about learning to Zoom Audition for Drama School? Or maybe you need to record clips for Drama School? Our coaches have a ton of experience of working on Zoom and can help and advise you. 


Mark Westbrook is the Principal and Head of Acting at Acting Coach Scotland


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