Robert Bella on Acting

Robert Bella on Acting

Hi All Actors and Acting Students (and anyone else who stumbled along)

I’m feeling a little better and if I’m lucky (snow not withstanding and if this virus has abated somewhat) I might make it to Dublin tomorrow.

I wanted to give a tiny quote from Robert Bella, one of my teachers at the Atlantic Theater Company in New York City. I’d like your thoughts, so please, if you have the time, tell me what you think on the matter:

“Anyone can learn to act, and act well. Some people are born with a gift for acting, and they may progress in learning how to act at a faster rate than others. But having talent doesn’t mean they have craft”

Robert Bella in his chapter on Practical Aesthetics in The Training of the American Actor.

Please tell me your thoughts or discuss them with others here. This is a blog, but think of it as a forum for thoughts on acting.

Best Wishes

Mark Westbrook


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