One Year Acting Course FAQs

One Year Acting Course FAQs

I don’t have any acting experience, can I apply?

We will always assess each application individually. However, you will be able to get more out of the One Year Intensive Professional Diploma in Stage and Screen Acting if you’ve had some previous performing experience. If you have had little or no performing experience, then perhaps you might consider applying for our 1 Year Foundation course, or the 2 Year HND in Acting and Performance starting in September 2020..

How do I apply?

You can apply by downloading the audition guide which itself contains a link to an application form.

When we receive your application, we will assess it and then decide whether to invite you to interview / audition with us. 

Is there an audition?

In preparation for your audition with ACS you will need two contrasting contemporary monologues, from a TV, Theatre or Film Script and written after 1980. They should be approximately 2 to 3 minutes each. 

When choosing your pieces, make sure that they are age appropriate. Pick something that you really like, which suits you and that you can talk freely about why you chose it. We will probably ask you about your choice of monologue. 

You may want to steer away from choosing pieces that are very famous in the film world such as the Joker from Batman and other iconic characters that you would naturally be compared to in the audition. Make sure that you have read the whole play, or watch the entire film. You need to know in what context this monologue sits in the overall piece. 

What opportunities will I have after graduation?

After graduation you will be eligible to join Equity - The Actors Union. Equity is a union with about 45,000 members, and benefits include accident and backstage insurance, careers advice, legal support and much more. Unlike many years ago, you don’t have to be a member of equity to be a professional actor, but most professional actors are members.

The other great thing about training with Acting Coach Scotland on the One Year Intensive Professional Diploma in Stage and Screen Acting is that you’ll be eligible for graduate membership of Spotlight. Spotlight is THE industry database that connects performers with roles in theatre, television and film productions around the world. Whether you are self representing, or have an agent, much of the acting work in the UK goes through Spotlight.

Is this course open to European students?

Yes, absolutely. The course is hugely popular with students, anecdotal feedback suggests that there is nothing out there in terms of quality of training and value for money that compares with the One Year Intensive Professional Diploma in Stage and Screen Acting at Acting Coach Scotland.

What about International Students from other countries?

Some students from other countries might be able to train with us, providing they do not need a Study Visa to do. You can check that here 

Eligible applicants from certain countries may be able to apply for a Youth Mobility Visa:

What is the cost? Is there a sponsorship or funding available?

As of 2020, the One Year Intensive Professional Diploma in Stage and Screen Acting is £7800 for the year. However, this can be paid in installments throughout the year.

Unfortunately, because the course is a ‘custom’ course - it’s completely unique, and therefore doesn’t fit into the traditional structure of funding support. However, Acting Coach Scotland does have two other courses (a foundation acting course, and a two year HND in acting) that are based on more traditional funding models, and therefore are eligible for financial support for some students. 

Where is the course based and what age group is it for?

The course is based at Acting Coach Scotland’s studios in Glasgow. Glasgow is one of Scotland’s biggest and most vibrant cities, packed with theatre, music and all kinds of culture.

The average age on this course is mid to late twenties, but we consider applications from all ages above 18.

What sort of hours does the course run?

Typically coaching hours are 10am until 5pm Monday to Friday, and on Monday to Thursday you’re expected to have 5pm to 7pm as practice time in the Studio. After each term of about 8 weeks, there is usually a week’s break.

Is this course suitable to help get into drama school?

Yes, it can be. Many of our graduates have gone on to start their acting career after training on our  One Year Intensive Professional Diploma in Stage and Screen Acting. However, some have also gone on to train at specialist Drama Schools in the UK and Europe. 

If you’re specific goal is to use your training with Acting Coach Scotland as a springboard to get on to a 3yr Drama School course, then you can also consider looking out Foundation Acting Course.

When do the auditions take place?

The One Year Intensive Professional Diploma in Stage and Screen Acting runs from January to December each year. Auditions take place throughout the year, but places are limited, so the sooner you apply, the sooner you’ll be able to prepare for your new acting training journey!


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