Audition Preparation: One Tip for Audition Confidence

This is One Tip for Audition Confidence That Works

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A small tip for audition confidence. This is a very very simple tool, but if you commit to answering it honestly, you’ll improve your confidence for this audition and future ones too.


When you are preparing for your audition, you should ask yourself a couple of simple questions.


How much do you believe you can do your absolute best in this audition?


  1. I hope I can do my best

  2. Maybe I can do my best

  3. I think I can do my best

  4. I believe I can do my best

  5. I know I can do my best

  6. I will do my best


Answer honestly.


Now ask yourself what you have to do to move yourself towards Number 6. If you are 4, and you believe you can do your best, what do you have to do to move that 4 to 5? What turns 'believe' into 'know'. What do you have to do?


You’ll immediately think of a few things that will instantly help you. Now do those things until you have moved your confidence up to the next level.


Keep going until you can get to 6. Need some help? Get in touch with me today, I work in person and on Skype, five days per week. 



Mark Westbrook is the Studio Director at Acting Coach Scotland 



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