It's HARD to get into Drama School

It's HARD to get into Drama School

The chances of getting into drama school are harder than getting into Oxford or Cambridge. It’s hard. Really hard. 

Getting accepted into drama school is not an easy task, as the odds of success are quite low. There are various reasons for not getting accepted, and it's essential to take into account which of these factors you are able to change.

One possible reason for not getting accepted is being too young. Drama schools often prefer mature applicants, and if you are 17, the odds are not in your favour. Schools want their students to have life experience and the ability to handle the professional environment of actor training.

Another reason could be lack of experience in acting. You may have a passion for acting, but without enough experience, your chances of getting into drama school may be slim. Getting experience can be difficult and expensive, and some people try to gain professional experience before applying to drama school, but this is a challenging task, and only a few succeed.

It's possible that the school simply did not like you. The world can be unfair, and there's not much you can do about it. However, as you progress and develop your abilities and experience, you may become the type of person they are looking for.

Another reason could be that you are not good enough yet. You need to be trainable and have potential, and not just rely on your acting abilities. At some schools, determination and staying power to succeed are considered more important than talent.

Lastly, poor material choice for the audition can also be a reason for not getting accepted. It's important to choose pieces that suit your casting type, highlight your abilities, and give you the opportunity to show the school what you can do. It can be challenging to discover the right material.

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