Rehearsing a Scene or Monologue: Instantly Better Acting Performances

Instantly Better Acting Performances

There is one tip, so super simple, that every single one of you can improve your work with it. However, just as you already know this tip, I rarely see anyone, and I mean anyone, putting it to use. As a result, most scenes and monologues whimper to life, slump in the middle, and go out like a wet fart.  

The tip is: Remember it’s a fucking story.  

Stories have beginnings, middles and ends. Your scene or monologue already has a written beginning, middle and end. But making sure that your PERFORMANCE has a beginning, middle and end somehow - just isn’t easy enough for people.

And so we get scenes which casually saunter into life. Wallowing around in a kind of stupor in the middle. And end without anyone noticing. 

However, when you start your scene or monologue, you must bring it to life, you must ignite something that will last throughout the scene. The start of the scene isn’t the climax, of course, but it must grab attention.

The middle of the scene, where the turning point of the scene or monologue usually is - like - let the scene turn, let the audience feel the change somewhere mid-scene, a change of direction, a dramatic left or right turn. 

The end, it must have a slow and powerful build to the climax - reach its peak and slowly ebb away, losing its strength, moment by moment - not drop like a lead balloon.

Listen up, you can make your scenes and monologues INSTANTLY better by making sure this ACTUALLY happens. 

The real problem is that many people don’t have the self-awareness to notice whether their scenes or monologues are actually doing these things. And their scenes and monologues are worse for it. 

Develop the self awareness to recognise these elements in your scenes and monologues.

The results will amaze you. Instantly. Better. Performances.


To You, The Best 


Mark Westbrook is Senior Acting Coach at Acting Coach Scotland

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