How Can Acting Classes Help My Confidence Grow?

How Can Acting Classes Help My Confidence Grow?

You may be a naturally confident human being, sure and secure in the knowledge that you are the greatest actor the world has ever seen, and happy to go out and prove this to anyone and everyone on a daily basis. Or, like most of us, you may have one or two little self confidence issues - maybe you don’t like auditions? Or maybe you hyperventilate in front of a crowd? If you fall into the latter camp, then there are definitely things you can do to improve your outlook, and your acting ability. A good acting class can help improve your confidence no end, and there are various ways this can be achieved. 

Firstly, you will learn a good many new and exciting tips and techniques to up your acting game. There will be things you can learn from an acting class that you may never have even thought you needed help with! From acting techniques, to voice coaching and ways you can learn to move your body, acting classes will help you become a more rounded, confident actor.

Secondly, you will receive invaluable help in audition training. Auditions are a sticking point for many of us, because of the pressure that is heaped on to that one short moment, where you HAVE to shine otherwise you will be overlooked for the part. Audition coaching, from a seasoned actor who has landed countless parts, will help you see where you have been going wrong and help you fix it.

Acting in front of an audience is another way that acting classes can improve your confidence. When you stand up in front of a group of your own peers you can expect good feedback, and (usually) they will be gentle with you. A paying audience may be more ruthless. The chance to do your stuff for a paying crowd, and see them loving it, will do wonders for your self esteem and confidence in your own abilities.

A good acting class will also break down your inhibitions. We all have little quirks and foibles, and things that make us really uncomfortable. The best acting classes will take you to the brink of your comfort zone - then out of it completely, and you will discover that the things you were so scared of really weren’t that bad after all. A full on stage snog? A bit of nudity? Let’s do this!

You will also meet a great many like minded people at acting class. You may have struggled to connect with people, or find those who share your interests - but when you take an acting class with a bunch of people who share your ambitions, you will almost certainly find that you have discovered your tribe. Good friends are a great thing in life; they can help and support us, as well as just sit around, eat pizza and have a good old giggle.

You may think that acting classes are not for you, but you will find that you can gain a lot from them. Even if you are one of those with sky high self confidence, you should join an acting class to see what you’re missing out on. Chances are you will find that it benefits you too (just leave the ego at the door).

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