How Actor Coaching Works

How Actor Coaching Works

Acting Coaches help actors of all levels to develop and increase their abilities. Private one to one coaching is intimate in that you share something of yourself with each other. The coach and student have a vested interest in joint success, it’s a personal process. It’s not wanky. It’s designed to empower you to obtain your desires but it can’t be done without your full investment. The coach can’t make you do anything. They will guide and advise until you no longer need them.

-  The Acting Coach uses their knowledge and experience of tested, and new, approaches to help you achieve the results you seek.

-   The Acting coach creates a secure and comfortable environment in which you are willing to take risks and make yourself vulnerable.

-  An Acting Coach helps you by giving you honest and sincere feedback. They will establish goals with you and help you to smash through them.

-  An Acting Coach will kick your ass when you can’t motivate yourself.

- Acting coaches should help you celebrate your successes.

- The Acting Coach’s experience helps you to avoid many pitfalls.

- An Acting Coach wants you to do well.

- A coach should practice what they preach!

- An acting coach will listen carefully to your ideas, but not always agree with you.


Mark Westbrook is an Acting Coach based in the UK, for 1-2-1 coaching, please call 0141 440 1272.

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One of the biggest obstacles to a successful acting career is the inner critic, the voice in your head, but there are many more.

In this free advice guide, Acting Coach and Performance Psychology expert Mark Westbrook outlines the most common inner obstacles to success and offers you insightful and practical tools for overcoming them.

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