Great Podcast of Karen Kohlhaas

Great Podcast of Karen Kohlhaas

Hey Everyone

This is a pretty dorky podcast. The two presenters are kind of funny, but there is also a good interview with Karen Kohlhaas, she who is Queen, and I MEAN QUEEN of the Monologue. Karen has a new book out soon about selecting good monologues, so you may like to hear about that. If you want to skip most of the crap (sorry guys) but Karen’s interview begins at: 9:30. You can tell it’s Karen speaking, she speaks with authority, because she is an authority. It’s very interesting – bit of Practical Aesthetics history and I think you guys will enjoy it.

Let me know what you think, just write in the comments below if there’s any relevant points that you think are important, controversial etc etc

Best Wishes

Mark Westbrook

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