Exploitation: How to Make a LOT of Money as an Acting Coach

Exploitation: How to Make a LOT of Money as an Acting Coach

I recently read about an acting coach that charges people £500 for a weekend course in London. I kept thinking, only £500? Wow, man, that’s small time, I thought I’d offer some more advice to acting coaches that wanted to fleece their students:

1) Pretend you have the secret to acting and that you can make people famous.

2) Charge a fortune: Ask them to pay more than two week’s pay for two days training.

3) Claim an inheritance/pedigree that goes back to Stanislavski.

4) Keep people coming back to your classes for years, even when it’s not helping them.

5) Find teenagers desperate to go to Drama School and charge them £££.

6) Cram as many people into your acting classes as possible – they enjoy company.

7) Make people commit to lengthy agreements for training.

8) Charge as much as possible per hour, per day, per week, month and year. Afterall, they may not come back.

9) Don’t teach your students enough practical stuff to get better, cos then they’ll keep coming back.

10) The more you charge, the more of a big deal people will think you are.

For those who can’t detect irony. This was an ironic post.



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