Do Not Go To Acting School by Robert Bruce

Do Not Go To Acting School by Robert Bruce

This is one of my favourite poems, read it and enjoy. Happy New Year!

I spent thousands of dollars
attending a supposedly
prestigious conservatory
learning a craft
that can only be learned in one place

On a stage
in front of a paying audience

In return for the horrific debt
that now rests on me
and my loving wife
I was given the high privilege
of spending three years
acting like an actor
in small classrooms
before other paying players
in a small town on the
outskirts of Hollywood

Needless to say
my time in this institution
did not
work the wonders
for my tender career
that I had hoped for

I understand that
my failure to become
an international superstar
is completely my own
but looking back
I realize
that I could have
failed much more
on the cheap

And without their help

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