Days of Poorly Poorly

Days of Poorly Poorly

Hello Blog Readers

I’ve been ill for the past few days and it’s wretched as although I like my bed too many days spent inactive is a killer to the mind (as restful as it might be to the body). Anyway, unable to teach or work in other ways, I’ve sat planning out my National Theatre of Scotland masterclass coming up at the end of this new month.

If you have too much time on your hands and the ability to use the Internet, you can get in all sorts of trouble. So rather than getting into trouble, I started looking for good stuff on the Internet, or particularly iTunes. If you guys have iTunes, type in Kristen Johnston for a good interview with a ‘famous’ Practical Aesthetics practitioner. She’s famous for being the sister in Third Rock from the Son, but she’s a legendary stage actress now too. It’s part of the American Theatre Wing’s free podcasts, so download and enjoy.

Next, there’s a great David Mamet speech when he was speaking at Stanford. It’s not all about acting, but it’s interesting enough. It’s good to hear the man speak. Type ‘David Mamet Art Politics Judaism‘, you’ll find the speech free to download. I particularly like the bit where he refers to his programme ‘The Unit’ as a ‘this stupid tv show’.

These things we do when we’re poorly.

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