Contemporary Male Monologues for Drama School Auditions

Contemporary Male Monologues for Drama School Auditions

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If you’re currently auditioning for drama school, or you plan to soon, you know that you need to come up with a pretty good monologue. Men have a lot more choice than women still due to a historical imbalance in contemporary writing, but it can be just as hard for younger or less experienced auditionees to get access to plays.

A school or town library might be a starting place, but most people look on Google, and they aren’t going to find much more than the average there. What you might find however, is the same as everyone else gets. And that means you look a bit like a sheep.

Next people search on Amazon, which is pointless because you can’t tell if the play has a monologue in it or not. What a waste of money.

Our clients at Acting Coach Scotland are lucky, they have access to our database of a few thousands of plays, and we provide them access with to it while they are getting Drama School Audition Coaching with us.

But for those that can’t access a wide pool of monologues in contemporary plays, then - why not try these, which I’ve hand picked from our collection:

  1. Luke … The last woman I felt I loved – in AGAINST by Christopher Shinn

  1. Comedian (Various Pieces) in DEATH OF A COMEDIAN by Owen McCafferty

  1. Bullet (Various) in HOME (FALL) by Nadia Fall

  1. Pike (Oh I forgot, you’re on vacation)  in LUTZ by Ryan Griffiths

  1. David (Scene 9) in GAME by Mike Bartlett

  1. Thomas (various) in MISTERMAN by Enda Walsh

  1. George in THE ABSENCE OF WAR by David Hare

  1. Shane in THE FERRYMAN by Jez Butterworth

  2. Joe in WHEN THE RAIN STOPS FALLING by Andrew Bovell

  1. Sid in YEAR OF THE FAMILY by Anthony Neilson

I hope that short list helps you in your search.

Our auditions podcast is available on iTunes - there’s hours of great advice on auditioning - check it out.

To You, The Best


Mark Westbrook is the Course Leader of the One Year Diploma in Stage and Screen Acting at Acting Coach Scotland

Looking for help with your drama school audition? We have a free guide to Drama School Auditioning. Need something to help you lick your Shakespeare Monologue into great shape? I’ve written a guide to doing Shakespeare Monologues too.


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