Choosing a one year acting course in the UK

Choosing a One Year Acting Course in the UK

There’s a ton of one year acting courses out there now in the UK, I should know, I researched most of them before I decided to create our own one year full time acting course at Acting Coach Scotland.

But, I’m not here just to toot the trumpet of our own one year acting course in stage and screen performance.  I want to help you to choose a one year acting course for yourself.

ONE: Screen Acting Content?

If acting for camera is important to you, then an acting course with a significant screen acting component is something you should look for. A lot of courses mainly offer theatre experience, but since a lot of actors these days want to act in movies - then learning your camera skills during your actor training is vital.

TWO: Contact Hours

Contact hours are expensive. Colleges have budgets. So the more contact hours, the more committed your acting school is to your course. If there’s 30 students and one acting teacher, the chances are, they aren’t so committed. I would expect to have between 25-40+ contact hours on a great one year acting course. There’s a lot of ground to cover in a year - and that’s going to need contact hours. Colleges like their staff to set their students ‘projects’, it certainly costs them less.

THREE: Live Performance

We can learn a lot from our acting teachers, but nothing beats live performance as a teacher. Most courses should have some live performance opportunities. I think the more the better. Most actors doing a tour will perform potentially hundreds of times and a three night run doesn’t really prepare acting students for that. Look out for acting courses that have significant live performances as part of the training experience.

Use these three elements as a guide for searching for the perfect one year acting course for you.


Mark Westbrook is the Head of Acting at Acting Coach Scotland


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