On Camera Auditioning - Quick Acting Tips on Auditioning for Camera

On Camera Auditioning - Quick Acting Tips

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While the purest still hanker after a career on the stage, more and more actors want to spend their career on screen. And for those guys, the audition process is quite different from a theatre audition. Here's 3 quick tips for on-camera auditioning...


In an on-camera audition, the reader is probably going to be sitting in front of you. But the camera is likely to be positioned in a different place. You want to work off them, you want to look at the reader/other actor, but if you do that, your eye line will disappear and we’ll end up looking at your eye lines. You have to experiment for yourself about what works best. One solutions is that you listen to the reader, but you imagine there’s another person just off the camera to whom you are also responding and you deliver your lines to them.


When you come into the room for an on-camera audition - you need might be tempted to shake hands or go over to the casting panel. Don’t. Most do not want to shake hands with you. If they want to shake your hand, they will offer theirs. You aren’t being rude or discourteous, you are being professional. Instead, give a courteous acknowledgement with a head nod and a warm smile.


If can be impossible to know how to handle a kiss in an on-camera audition. What do you do? Kiss the air? Kiss the reader? Kiss yourself? Actually none of the above. My best advice is to take a moment for the kiss, close your eyes, breathe deep, bring your hands to your chest and imagine having that moment that kiss. Then open your eyes, smile (if that’s appropriate) and move on from there. It will feel natural, easy and no one in the room will be uncomfortable.

I hope that helps, there'll be more on-camera audition tips and tools coming soon

To You, The Best


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