The Brave

The Brave

Hello, this is Mark. Today, I read a book called The Dip by Seth Godin. I found some valuable advice in it for actors about deciding whether to keep going, or to just quit and become a teacher or something. I’ve added it below. Please think it through. It’s as applicable to acting as it is to business, which is Godin’s field:

“The brave thing to do is to tough it out and end up on the other side. The mature thing to do is not even start out on a business venture if you know you’ll probably not make it through the dip. And the stupidthing to do is to start, give it your best shot, waste a lot of time and money, and then quit in the middle of the dip.” Seth Godin – The Dip

The ‘dip’ is that period when things get tough, when you’re enthusiasm runs out, when it’s no longer fun. People never quit when the goal is in sight.



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