Actors’ Agents: Who Should You Seek Out?

Actors’ Agents: Who Should You Seek Out?

Many young or inexperienced actors are concerned about not having an agent, and I say to them, then get one. The trouble is that there’s a glut of too many actors and not enough parts, so getting an agent isn’t easy. What’s worse if you didn’t attend drama school, you probably didn’t get a showcase opportunity. So the game is getting an agent to come and see you in a show. Don’t have a show? Well, you can guess my advice.

Q: Which are the best acting agencies in Scotland?

I would suggest these THREE agencies as the most credible. The rest, are yet to show their mettle.

Hunwick/Hughes - Formally 41 Management in Glasgow and then Edinburgh – in my opinion, Maryam Hunwick knows her stuff.

Stiven/Christie - Back in the day, we had a chat from Stiven/Christie at Drama School. They seemed to make sense and have brains.

PLA – Pat Lovett Associates – Pat Lovett is a legend in the Scottish entertainment industry. A proper agent in the old fashioned sense of the word.

AND THAT’S IT. The rest… sorry, but they’re yet to show their stuff. Yes, there are a couple more, but those are my Top 3.

STOP THE PRESS! I’ve just found out about The Bridge Actors’ Agency in Edinburgh, a co-op formed by actors. They’re currently auditioning new people. Don’t know, much about them, but it’s worth taking a look at them.

HOWEVER, there are plenty of London-based agents that work with Scottish actors, so it’s worth considering these fine people too:

AHA – Amanda Howard Associates - She came to see my show at the Edinburgh Festival in 2001 and I was very impressed. Hard to fathom, no nonsense, zero bullshit – I was really properly impressed.

PFD - Great reputation. Sign with these guys and you know you’re on your way.

ADVICE: Send a CV and Photo. Be professional and invite them to your show. If they don’t come, do the same with the next show. Get a good review? Include it next time. Get another good review, add that too.

I’ll be honest, there’s enough people out there, but there’s always room from the undiscovered talent. Are you it?


Mark Westbrook is a professional acting coach based in Glasgow, Scotland.


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