Acting Coach Scotland Reviews

Acting Coach Scotland Reviews

One of the most visited pages on our website is our testimonials, people are always looking for reviews of Acting Coach Scotland, so we decided to make it a bit easier to hear the good word. 



★★★★★ - An acting studio that will give you everything you need to take with you into the industry and begin a professional acting career.

The coaches are knowledgeable, practical and supportive who will push you further then you can imagine!

Whether you’re looking for a full time qualified acting course, one to one coaching or weekly classes. ACS is the place to go.

I couldn’t recommend highly enough! - Elsa Strachan



★★★★★ - I don’t know where to begin, Acting Coach Scotland has definitely been a life changing experience. I am two weeks away from finishing a very intense full time course and I have never felt so happy in a learning environment. Acting Coach Scotland starts off at a low expectations level which automatically helps you feel more at ease. This course is perfectly designed to bring you out of your shell and improve your confidence from the day you start. Ruzuku, a major part of the course, helped me so much prepare my mind for failure, to accept it and to move on, which for me lead to a breakthrough in my first month. Feedback is constant and there is not a week where I didn’t learn and grow. For the price you pay and what you get in return for your money is unbelievable! You are not only going to have built your confidence, you will have stage combat experience, non stop acting and live performances including the fringe and to top it off you will have been taught the skills to adapt to a camera and what is required for filming. I have been learning to act with students from all around the world I have loved every minute of it and I feel I owe a lot to all the coaches at Acting Coach Scotland for never making me feel uncomfortable about asking for help, being there to answer questions when I’m struggling day or night, for preparing me the way they have and making me feel ready to leave into the real world of acting. Danny Valentine



I'm doing the part time course, and it's brilliant. Most importantly, it's good fun and presented in a way that eases everyone in yet manages to take us out of our comfort zones. I can't rate this place highly enough and recommend anyone thinking about acting to attend classes and have fun. Gerard Wilkie



★★★★★ - I came across ACS while looking for an acting class in Edinburgh. After completing Stage 1, I’m positive I’ve made the right choice and it’s worth the commute. I was lucky to get Mark Westbrook who has done a tremendously good job as my coach. I’ve managed to learn so much in such a short amount of time. Currently on Stage 2 with Mark and loving every moment at the studio. Planning on staying with ACS for a long time. I highly recommend to everyone who is interested in learning the craft. One thing is for sure, you will get to work with people who genuinely want you to succeed and they will go over and above to help you along the way! Philipa



★★★★★ - This acting school is second to none. So glad I gave it a shot, i've not looked back since. Mark is a fantastic coach! They all are. Definitely recommend :) Natalie Boyle



★★★★★ - As a student of the full time course and a previous client of the weekend intensives I can say wholeheartedly that the quality and dedication from the coaches here is beyond reproach. I’ve worked with other coaches and directors in the past and none have made such an impact or been as insightful as the wonderful industry professionals at ACS. Jessica Arbuckle


Thanks to Nick, I got to know the unique and detailed approach towards preparing a monologue - the one I have never experienced before. Previously, I have attended many acting workshops, but I have never received such tool to fully understand, feel and prepare speeches as I did from Nick. I have never met such warm-hearted, passionate, but also professional and dedicated acting teacher. I must admit that without Nick, I would not received my place at East 15.  Magda



★★★★★ - At ACS anyone who is serious about developing their acting skills will find what they are looking for. Many people claim to be passionate about what they do; Mark Westbrook truly is, and has a wealth of knowledge about his subject. Students at ACS will find themselves challenged and supported in equal measure. Prepare to work! Megan Green



I did five steps with ACS and found the coaching to be just what I needed and wanted. The no nonsense approach with learnable skills gave me very useful tools. We were 'on our feet' every week with scenes to analyse, lines to learn and scene partners to work with. We were also taught a level of professionalism which puts one in good stead for working.

I am currently considering one to one and some further classes with ACS. John Wilde



What ever your background, whatever your age, be it young OR old !!, a good place to start learning "HOW To Really Act !!!", would be at Acting Coach Scotland (ACS). Ian Lorimer Milne



★★★★★ - When I started the part time courses, at ACS I didn't really know what to expect. But I was gladly surprised about the place, and it's now the best thing I've ever done! ACS has raised the bar, of what i thought acting classes could be like. The coaching is sublime in the courses - Mark Westbrook does an amazing job! And it's definitely worth every penny! So if you are standing with the same dream as I, to become an actress/actor, and/or to be better to perform in front of others - go to ASC because it's a fantastic place with a really high level in acting, and they have classes for everyone! - Søs Jakobsen



★★★★★ - I joined ACS last year for the first time to prepare myself as best as I could for my Drama schools auditions. I found the 121 classes with Mark very helpful, with all the focus being on you, you really get the chance to improve your confidence and to work on your monologues. He listens to you and you always feel in control of the lesson. Mark also helped me a great deal with my articulation and you could really tell he's used to work with international students. Elena Stauffer


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