ACS at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2023

ACS at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2023

ACS at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2023

This year, ACS is taking two shows to the Fringe: Being Sophie Scholl and The Mystery of the Dyatlov Pass. On every day except Sundays at 1405 & 1500 at theSpace @ Symposium Hall (Venue 43). 

Being Sophie Scholl

After her brother is unjustly arrested by the Nazis, a young German student begins a deadly game of cat and mouse with the local Gestapo. But can she stand up for her beliefs when she stands alone against the increasing tide of support for the Third Reich? Discover the inspiring true story of Sophie Scholl - the girl who defied Hitler.

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The Mystery of the Dyatlov Pass

Ural Mountains, Soviet Union 1959: a group of young hikers perish under extremely mysterious circumstances. join us, and together, we'll consider the evidence, sift the clues, and solve the mystery in this interactive performance that's different every time!  

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The 12 Obstacles

One of the biggest obstacles to a successful acting career is the inner critic, the voice in your head, but there are many more.

In this free advice guide, Acting Coach and Performance Psychology expert Mark Westbrook outlines the most common inner obstacles to success and offers you insightful and practical tools for overcoming them.

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