4 Things That Acting Coaches Can Do

4 Things That Acting Coaches Can Do

Ten years ago when I first put myself out there as an acting coach, there really weren’t any in the UK. Google was empty. I was the top Google search for the term. (We still do okay)

Back in the day, people saw an acting coach as someone who taught acting to beginners. Meanwhile in America and Australia, acting coaches worked to help actors of all levels to prepare, grow and develop their acting and audition skills.

These days, we have calls and emails from all over the world asking for our assistance.

What Do Acting Coaches Do?

The specific areas that each acting coach deals with can really vary from acting coach to coach. This depends on their backgrounds, acting training, experience and qualifications. Coaches range from out of work actors topping up their income to full time acting coaches.

Below are some of the main roles that an acting coach has in helping their clients to develop their skills, overcome obstacles and move closer to their goals.

(1) Help Actors Prepare for Auditions

Acting coaches often help actors to prepare for big auditions. This can be live in-person audition and self tape auditions too. Coaches often help the actor to see things that they were previously unaware of. They also help actors unlocked motivations, subtext, and the journey of the character through the scene or monologue.

(2) Help Actors Overcome Mental Blocks

One of the most common things that I do is to help actors to overcome the things that are holding them back. Actors are often the most self conscious people I’ve ever met. They are super confident on camera or stage, but underneath, they often have real trouble with what we call their ‘inner game of acting.’  Actors that need help with this are completely normal, and most actors that I work with need help with this at some time or other.

(3) Help Actors Prepare for Roles

Another common role for a professional acting coach. It’s definitely one of my favourite parts of the job. Last year, I worked with an actor on the new Tomb Raider film and it was great to go from self tape to audition to preparing for the scene together. The acting coach isn’t there to make decisions for the actor, but help them see the possibility and potential in the script and help convert that into something they can do in the role.

(4) Help Young Actors Get Into Drama School

Another favourite part of my job is helping young (and not always young) actors to get a place at Drama School. Our studio is particularly good at getting our students into the right mindset for drama school. Our clients are training all over the world, although some stay on to train with us instead because they like it so much. We often work on reducing nerves, building a powerful audition routine, we also work intensively on Shakespeare and Contemporary Monologue choices.

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