Professional Acting Workshops Glasgow

Professional Acting Workshops

Suitable for experience performers and those with professional training. 

Acting Coach Scotland offers an exciting programme of professional development opportunities for emerging and established actors. 


with Michael-Alan Read, HNC Course Leader

Forget what you think you know about what it means to be a Clown. No Wigs. No Big Shoes. No Makeup. Just you, a small red nose and absolute freedom. 

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Acting Coach Scotland is proud to offer “Clowning for Actors” as a three day intensive course in-person at Acting Coach Scotland’s Studios in Glasgow.

This course aims to introduce the actor to the Rules of Clowning and the creation of a clown persona through limitless play. A sense of discovery and imagination are the actors most valuable tools and clowning allows the actor to connect with themselves and their audience with an abandonment of tension.

In this course you will discover how the clown faces failure and develops their IN and OUT personas through practical exercises led by Michael-Alan Read (MA-RCS, Shakespeare’s Globe,) with maximum effect to add another skill to your toolkit as an actor.


Monday, 9th November, Wednesday, 11th November AND Friday, 13th  November 2-5pm