One Year Acting Course for Stage and Screen Acting Coach Scotland

One Year Acting Course for Stage and Screen

This One Year Acting course is an accredited qualification, but let’s face it. Only your family care about whether you get a bit of paper. If you can’t act - the industry won’t be interested in your certificate. And if you can act - they won't want to see your certificate either. 


We designed our own one year acting course which means we cut out all the crap you don't need to learn, and focus on what's going to get you employed. 

Our course is recognised by the industry - our students are members of Equity, the Actors' Union and Spotlight, which means when you graduate, you're already plugged in. 



Screen Shot 2016-10-12 at 14.50.53.pngOur clients played leading roles in R Paul Wilson's film CON MEN (2015) which is currently being shown in Film Festivals all over the world. It recently received an 'Award of Excellence' at the Accolodate Global Film Competition


  • If you can commit one year of your life - you can begin your acting career right here.

We take people from all over the world, from all walks of life and train them together intensively for one year, and give them the tools they need to THRIVE.

We don’t want to change you. We don’t want to strip you down and rebuild you. We just want to help you get out of your own way.  And let the ability you already have SHINE through.

Our mission is to train actors so that they can go to work. We do this by immersing you in a professional environment from Day 1. We give you the practical tools, skills, knowledge and experience. To help you get the job. And once you have the job, to nail it, so you build a reputation that people trust.

We do this by splitting the year in two.

First half, intensive training in acting, voice, improvisation, stage combat, and performance psychology. Classes all day, every day. Building skills, developing knowledge, gaining experience. Doing. Because that’s what matters, hands on practice in the craft of acting under expert tuition. 

Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 3.37.56 PM.png

Our students past and present (including full time graduates) appear in major roles in this Raindance Film Festival nominated feature directed by R Paul Wilson. 

 Then comes the second half, we give you a chance to learn the real lessons - an intensive experience with over 40 public performances including 3-week run at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and 3 professionally produced films. Not to mention that you also graduate with a professionally recognised Stage Combat certificate. 

We also encourage the other skills in you, the organiser, the creative, the teacher - the producer, the writer, the director. Because when you leave, we want you to be ready to work. And when you're not working, you're not sitting around, waiting for someone to pick you - you're making your own work.

Our course also includes visits from: Equity, Spotlight, Actors Agent, Casting Director, Film Producer, Theatre Director, emerging Film Directors and other outside industry professionals. 

Here’s what we offer:

  • SMALL CLASSES/LONG HOURS: Because if you want to learn skills, you need a lot of contact hours with our coaches. You'll learn most in small classes, so we keep them small and plenty. Our students have classes from between 9am to 6pm and then are expected to complete assignments, preparation and rehearsal outside of these times. Classes are run from Monday to Friday. During the Fringe, Saturdays are required for a month. 

  • UNRIVALLED FILM EXPERIENCE: There is no acting course that matches our level of acting for camera tuition and experience. You make THREE films, which are professionally produced. You leave with potential showreel material, but not just a wee clip of a scene that someone filmed. Completed films. 

"This is a great group of students to work with –  not only committed and focused, but also all of them came up with excellent screen performances in double quick time.  Most impressive."

PATRICK TUCKER - author Secrets of Screen Acting 

 Students create their own work which is performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe - Edgartown © 2017

  • PHENOMENAL PUBLIC PERFORMANCES: You need the experience of performing to the general public, it builds your confidence and performing experience. Performing to your friends and family teaches you little. A real public audience is scary, they are hostile, they have no reason to clap loudly at the end. They can get up and leave if you don't entertain them. And so, it teaches some of the most important lessons. There will be over 40 public performances each year from our full time students. No one can compete with that kind of experience on a one year course. 

  • SERIOUS STAGE COMBAT SKILLS: Stage Combat is an important part of an actor's skills. This year, one of our full time films involved a long fight sequence with a professional fight director. And our students were prepared for it by their intensive training in Stage Combat with Janet Lawson, our stage combat teacher. Students who pass the exam leave with a BASSC Actor-Combatant certificate - which means people know you can kick ass. 

  • PERFORMANCE PSYCHOLOGY: There is no acting course in the UK that provides the kind of mental skills preparation that this course does. Just like atheletes, a performer's mental preparation makes a significant impact on their performance on stage, screen and in auditions. We teach you to prepare yourself mentally for the challenges ahead of you. 

  • INDUSTRY SHOWCASE: Show the industry what you can do - get connected to the people that matter in the entertainment industry by putting your work on show. We'll show clips of you acting on camera and you'll give live perfomances for them.  

What Do Our Current One Year Acting Students Think of the Course?

Students work on all styles of theatre and film projects. Game of Death 5 (G.O.D 5) is a short film with the Gamer/Virtual Reality/Martial Arts theme made witih our 2016 Full Time Acting Students and Indie Theory Productions. 



We’re looking for creative, motivated, committed individuals with original ideas and the determination to succeed in this most competitive industry. Our students come from all over the world, our current students come from Scotland, UK, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, America, Portugal and Ireland. 

PLEASE NOTE WE ARE NOT A TIER 4 VISA SPONSOR - As such, we are limited as to who can apply for our course.  Applicants between the ages of 18-30 from Canada, New Zealand and Australia can come to the UK under the Tier 5 Youth Mobility Scheme Visa.  Please check here to see if this applies to you. 



We Accept a Maximum of 24 Students in any year, but practical class size is restricted to 12, which means you’ll get plenty of attention from our coaching staff.


At ACS, you make a one-off deposit of £1500 on acceptance and then £500 per month throughout the year.

That's a total of £7500, and we assure you, you'll get the benefit of every penny. 

Our course receives NO government funding. Public colleges receive tuition fees AND government funding per student. We spend all of our income on the course. 


The cost of running a course with so much practical experience and training is considerable. There is no funding for this course. However, we allow our students to pay per month, which many do. IS OUR FULL TIME COURSE BEYOND YOUR BUDGET? WE HAVE A PART-TIME ACTING DIPLOMA STARTING SOON. FIND OUT MORE HERE. 


All our auditions are small and personal, and held at regular interviews throughout the year. 

Applicants outside Scotland may audition via Skype, although we encourage everyone to visit. 


We accept applications throughout the year and hold auditions at regular intervals. The first stage is to contact us for an application form, submit it, and then we will contact you regarding a date for an audition.

Auditions are held in our Glasgow Acting Studio, but applicants from outside the UK may audition via Skype. 


Auditions may consist of group workshop, interview and the applicant will be expected to perform two contrasting contemporary monologues, of roughly 2 minutes length each.

Unlike other full time acting courses, we don't charge a fee for you to audition!

To arrange your audition and interview, contact our Admissions Team at or call 0141 440 1272 


what you'll learn


  • Practical Acting Technique to prepare you for Stage and Screen Performance
  • Unique Performance Psychology tools to prepare you to do your best work under pressure
  • Pragmatic Voice Skills for Performance for Theatre and Film
  • Confident Stage Combat Skills (and an additional Stage Combat Qualification)
  • Fundamental Knowledge about the history of Stage and Screen Acting
  • Energising Physical Movement training to learn how to use your Body Expressively
  • Challenging Improvisation Training with Performance Opportunities
  • Vital Learning-by-Doing through 45 Public Performances

I feel incredibly grateful for the support and training I have received over the last year. I felt fully prepared for my first professional job - which came only weeks after finishing the course.

Donna Swanson - Graduate

"The progress we see in 5 weeks time is just unbelievable. Every class pushes you forward and the attention and expertise of the staff are superb.They focus on you and care deeply about you. ACS is hard work, but it does feel like home. I just feel privileged to be here."

Diana Silveira - Full Time Diploma Student

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